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Terms and Conditions

Cancellations: All cancellations will be charged if they do not coincide with our cancellation policies with relevant vendors.

If you book through a vendor such as and you need to cancel, you are responsible for this task. If you fail to cancel your booking with the vendors, you will be charged unless in exceptional circumstances, which you will need to discuss with your allotted vendor.

Smoking/Illegal Drug Use: It is against the law to smoke inside our building. We have designated smoking areas outside for customers to utilize. If evidence is found that a customer is smoking/consuming drugs on our property, the correct authorities and vendors will be informed. The customer will also be financially responsible for the specialized cleaning, removal of paraphernalia, and any damages to property caused by this.

Damages/Missing items:  All damage must be covered by the customer. We understand accidents happen and will assess on a case-by-case basis. Thievery is not tolerated at our premises, anything missing from the customer's room on departure will be charged for and reported to the authorities/relevant vendors.
In the case of a customer losing their keys to access the building, they will be charged for physical key replacement and the time of the technician to replace and deactivate the lost key set.

Abuse/Anti-Social behavior: In any event of abuse to staff or behavior deemed anti-social, you will be asked to leave. Failure to do so in an amicable manner will result in police involvement. This is a family-run business with a great atmosphere and we have a zero-tolerance policy on aggression, sexual harassment, and any activities deemed to be anti-social.


Service Animals in regards to disability: Our building does not accept any pets of any kind. However, we of course accept those with canine companions for visual aid. Although not required by law,  in order to safeguard our staff and family that live on-site (some of whom also have disabilities) we ask that any other service animal must have the correct documents to gain access to our building and services. As a people-focused business, we are well aware of the disability discrimination laws and respect them, however, we are not willing to put the health of our staff, family, or property operation at risk if a customer cannot provide the relevant identification for said service animal. We are more than willing to communicate with anyone wishing to stay with us and provide the best experience possible, however, we will not be held to ransom or discriminated against ourselves and we will not put one person's disability over another. We reserve the right to refuse any customer without a service animal's documentation on arrival and refuse to engage in any hostile communication in this regard.

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